Saturday, September 29, 2012

Writing, Sleepovers and Blood

Well my life has been a lot of things these past weeks, but describing it in one word is easy—full. I am almost done with (hopefully) my last personal revision of my manuscript. I have worked hard on it and as I have been revising it, working on the second volume of the story has become much easier and clearer. The characters have more depth than they did before and some subplots are hashed out a little better. All in all it has been a good experiences this go around.

In other news my children have decided this is the year they will be social. Both have begun inviting friends over to the house and tomorrow—after a week of my wife and daughter planning— seven girls will be invading for a sleepover. It is nice to see them enjoying friends even if the exploitation has already started. My mom always said I'd get paid back for all the times I got my friend to ask for something I wanted. I am enjoying it though, they are growing so fast.

Lastly, I was sitting at my desk minding my own business, when my dog—Sadi—walked up shaking her head and throwing what I though was spit on me. I yelled out and began to reprimand—like she knows what I'm saying—my beautiful, but messy dog. I looked down to find that it was not spit, but blood. So of course I freaked out and began trying to find the source. Soon I found the deep cut in her ear, by this time I was covered in blood she was covered in blood and the bathroom looked like we had combined forces to murder someone. No exaggeration I have never seen that much blood come from a cut. Come to find out one of my daughter's rats had bitten her ear. We both got a shower and I finally got it to stop bleeding she looks so pitiful with one ear bandaged up.

Anyway that is how my life has been, as always have fun and keep writing.


  1. Luckily it wasn't something worse than a bite. Glad your dog's alright. The experience will probably help with writing. Not many people find themselves getting sprayed down with blood.

    1. This true I have found it gets very sticky very fast....