Sunday, September 1, 2013

And the winners are....

Finally I get to announce the winners of the Ashes giveaway. First I want to say, it was a real joy using Rafflecopter. Not only did it make entries easy, it also randomly picks the winners and emails them, so really, it did most of the work. 

Hopefully everyone got their email saying they won. The prizes will be awarded in the manner in which your names were picked. Anyone who won a piece of jewelry, if you will send me an address or P.O. box you'd like it sent to, to my email, I will get those out to you. To Michael your gift card will come to your email.

And the winners are, as seen on the Widget in the side bar:

1. Janie Junebug - Molly's set

2. S.K. Anthony - Fire Necklace

3. Amy Bowens - Wind Necklace

4. Sheena-kay Graham - Water Necklace

5. Tonja Drecker - Earth Necklace

6. Michael Di Gesu - Amazon gift card


It was fun for me to see the interest in these and to those that helped me get the word out about Ashes thank you so much.

Also a special thanks to Layla's Trinkets for making the jewelry and offering the discount in her store. Make sure to go check her out, the link is on the store's name. She has some really cool stuff in there.

Well there it is. The Ashes Giveaway is finally over. I am sure I will be doing another one in the coming months so be on the lookout. 

Anyway, how has everything been going for you guys? As always, have fun and keep writing.


  1. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  2. Thanks, Brandon! So surprised and excited to see my name on that list! (And here I've been such a terrible blogger lately)

  3. How awesome! Congrats winners! And thanks Brandon... You made my weekend!

  4. Some great prizes, congratulations to the winners.

  5. Woot! Yay!
    Thank you so much! I love it :D

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! They must be so excited!

  7. Congrats to all of the winners! Those are great prizes.

  8. Yes I'm a winner. Congrats to the others.

  9. I love being a wiener! Thank you! I'll email you.


  10. Hi Brandon-- Thanks for your comment. I've enjoyed going through your blog. Congrats to all of the winners.

  11. Awesome! What a fun contest, Brandon!

    I've got Ashes on my kindle hoping to read it soon. The cover really is so grabbing! Proud of you!

    1. Yeah it turned out great.

      Cool hope you like it.

  12. Congrats to all the winners. It was a great experience.