Thursday, August 14, 2014

Depression and loss.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post about this or not. This death, like it did many others, affected me greatly. This is someone who brought joy and comfort to the world and left it, presumably, quite sad. 

Depression is something I myself have struggled with and my mother before me. It is a deep hole you can find yourself down and climbing up can feel like an impossibility.

Good friends, family and some ability to vent your feelings seem to be the only ways to fight it. The only problem is if we don't reach out then we can't be helped.

Suicide is never the option. If anyone out there is going through something and thinks there is no one to listen my email is always open. If not me there is family, or friends, if not them then there are numbers and websites that offer help. Just don't give up. 

Life is a gift, sometimes it is hard to see that, but trust me on this, every single day is a chance for a new start. Find your happiness and hope. 

Love you all and I hope you are well. 


  1. What a loss.

    Thanks for posting this, bro.

  2. The world is still in shock.
    There is always hope.

  3. Presumably Robin didn't think "there is always hope" - I have been depressed but luckily not clinically so. I belong to the "snap out of it generation" who didn't realise it was an illness. I think your offer to be emailed is very courageous Brandon.

  4. It was a great loss.

    This is such a touching post, Brandon. I agree with you about finding our hope and happiness.

  5. A lovely post of support Brandon, thanks for sharing. It's important to remember that support is out there.

  6. Well said, and a generous expression of caring.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  7. What a sweet post, Brandon.


  8. Thanks everyone. I know it was kind of a heavy post, but I just wanted to say something. Feeling alone is one of the worst things.

  9. The nature of depression is that you feel extremely isolated. That isolation prevents a truly suicidal person from reaching out for that help that they so desperately need. I think if more people sought out help while it was still "Bad, but not that bad" more of these could be prevented. Instead, they think that they will only ask for help when they desperately, truly need it. And when that time comes... Well, you know what happens. It is beyond sad.

    If you help even one person with this post... well worth it!