Friday, November 14, 2014

Inspiration Friday


This movie was amazing. Truly my favorite of the year. If you have kids go and check it out, but if you don't have kids...go and check it out. So much heart. It looks beautiful and laughter comes in ten minute incriminates. Do yourselves a favor and check it out.


Just a fun song. Kind of has an older feel to it.


This is a really cool one to write about. One of my favorite fantasy authors is dipping his toes into the self pub. market. Putting out,  The Education of Brother Thaddius and other tales of DemonWars. A collection of short stories from his world of Corona. It is a great place to jump into his books. Here is a link to his Amazon, CLICK ME!!

Well that is what inspires me at the moment. As always, have fun and keep writing.


  1. Big Hero 6 was good.
    So Salvatore is a hybrid author now? I haven't read one of his in a while - will go check it out.

  2. So in short...check out Big Hero 6? lol It does look awesome! Can't wait to see it :D

  3. I haven't heard of that movie. I don't have kids to watch with me, but Willy Dunne Wooters is kind of a big baby.


  4. I'm really stoked Salvatore is going indie on that one. It'll work well for him, already having a big name.
    I met him at DragonCon 2012 and gave him an excerpt of ASH to read (although he told me his agent/publisher didn't smile on him reading unpublished works), then I messaged him back and forth a bit when my Kickstarter was going on last year (I'm not too proud to admit I was asking him to give the Kickstarter a shout out). He didn't do it, understandably, but he was really cool and patient and tolerant with an insufferable young whipper snapper like myself.
    Heading to Amazon now!

  5. Not sure if I'll get out to see Big Hero 6, but I'll keep your recommendation in mind.