Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The heart behind it all.

Being creative is hard.

Now that I have written that incredible understatement, let me try to delve deeper.

Obviously it isn't easy to be artistic, so much goes into it. To create from something as evasive as your mind is like trying to get a sugar fueled toddler to sit still for more than ten seconds. 

The problem with being creative or artistic is that there is a need to do so. We have to do it to be who we are. I guess if I lived on an island with a giant bag of money and no responsibilities, then it may not be so difficult to accomplish or as heartbreaking when I fail.

I don't have an island or a giant bag of money. If you do...please share with the rest of us.

Still, all of this aside, I think one thing stands out for me when trying to create.

To truly make art you have to open up a vulnerable part of yourself. I honestly think that is why we take so long to get started. The act of doing something daily could be nothing more than allowing us to find a way to access this part of ourselves easier. 

I am not overly affectionate. I mean I love love, but I have to work to share my emotions with those close to me. This doesn't mean I am not an emotional person. In fact to the contrary I am extremely so. Life has done a lot of work to bottle that up. 

The problem with this is when I go to access these emotions for my art I end up in a pretty vulnerable state. In this state when those responsibilities I so soundly handled a few moments before come knocking, it all falls apart. 

I guess maybe that is the trick. Find a way to be open without being vulnerable. Either that or find a log cabin somewhere to hole up in. 

Anyway, how does everyone else feel about this? I hope all are well and as always, have fun and keep writing.  


  1. It is about opening up without feeling vulnerable. Art is a part of us, which is why it feels so personal.
    I can express love, but I'm an even-keeled kind of person. I have no real highs or lows. I envy those who can dig beyond that steady line.

  2. I have always believed the greatest artists, in whatever field, are those who have gone through major trauma in their own lives and know how to transition the pain and angst into their artistic field.

  3. There's a reason a lot of great writers are or have been alcoholics, or once upon a time, opium addicts. Writing is painful. You might as well rip your heart out of your chest. As for the island and the bag of money, if you can get a private plane to bring you to my island, I'll dip into the money bag.


  4. Hi Brandon, I agree with you that to make art we have to open up a vulnerable part of ourselves to the world. I am kind of balanced, neither too emotional nor too withdrawn.

  5. I haven't encountered this quite so much as other writers, and perhaps not as much as writers might like to encounter it (for productivity), but I will say that what results from it, sometimes, is truly special.