Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Laptop

Well Spring is almost here and as is normal for this time of year—taxes came in. We tend to do okay with our taxes so that when they come in we can get a few things in order and maybe get something extra we have been wanting throughout the year, but didn't have the coin to splurge on it.

For me that was a laptop. I used to only write on them, but one year I got my desktop and never went back. I enjoy my writing space(AKA : Nerd Station), it is great to have a place to go where I know work is supposed to get done. The problem I found is sometimes it wasn't an ideal place to be, if my wife was home and busy doing something that meant the kids were in and out or the dogs were running around. This would give the little two year old in my head something else to focus on instead of getting words to page.

So I decided to take my extra spending money and get a small laptop, nothing fancy, just something I can take where ever and write on. I have to say for my writing career it was the smartest thing I have done in a long time. I still write at my desktop, but the ability to go sit on the back porch and listen to the wind moving through the trees or find some secluded area in a house full of people where I can delve into a story, is priceless.

So far total writing done on the new computer is just over 30,000 words, and I have had it about a month. There is a freedom in saying where I get to write that appeals to that rebellious toddler that sometimes lives in a writer's mind. I am hoping to have a second story finished(at least first draft) in the next two months at this rate and I can't be happier.

In other news I have looked a lot into self publishing and after the recent interview I saw with R. A. Salvatore on Sword and Laser— which I recommend a watch— I am thinking for my first book self publishing may be the rout for me. With the way the publishing world is going and the ease of access to eBooks and print to order a first time author has a good chance of getting out there if their work is good enough and I feel mine is.

Anyway as always have fun and keep writing.

Sword & Laser link :Here

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