Sunday, March 31, 2013

Taking the Time

I was reading Patrick Rothfuss blog about a week ago and he hit on a theme that I find is sometimes overlooked by those of us trying hard to get our stories out there. The idea is that often times we restrict ourselves from anything that would seem like play or fun.

I know myself I have agonized about how often I am at the computer getting work done. I try to push myself to be doing something, anything, at all moments that could push me forward in my career as an author. Now there is nothing wrong with this, I feel that the field I have chosen to be apart of is a hard one. If I were to be lazy about my pursuit of readers and publishers, not only would I not deserve them, but I would also probably not be successful in finding and or keeping them.

Having said that life doesn't stop and wait for me to find the right time to enjoy it. I think it is important to remember that most of what goes into our writing is our life experience. Yes some of the things we read influence us or even movies or some other medium of entertainment, but the bulk comes from what we lived. No one writes about heartache like those who have been through it. The same goes for anything else you may want to write about. I think it is very important that we enjoy what we have around us while we look forward to the what's ahead.

Writers are dreamers, we sometimes live in a world that others can only glimpse through the words we put on a page. It can be lonely at times and the longing that comes with searching for your readers can be as heart breaking as a lost love. I can only say this your writing is only as good as you are, go enjoy yourself, find an adventure. The words aren't going anywhere trust me the madness that is being a writer won't let them.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend and as always have fun and keep writing.


  1. So true! Some of the visuals that stick out most to my readers are ones I've seen in my own life and am trying to channel through my writing. I don't have a very adventurous life, but there's some kind of magic mix between imagination and what we've experienced through 'real' life. Writing is certainly alchemy.

    1. Oh for sure, I mean we can sometimes take the littlest things and add the bit of magic to make a golden moment. OH btw I wrote a little thing about Odin and Freyja I'll e-mail it to you see what you think.