Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am Super excited.

Okay I have to let my nerd flag fly for a moment here.

Since I was a young child I have been in love with the idea of Superman. Selfless, kind, amazing powers... plus in his day job he is a writer.. sort of.

I loved the Christopher Reeves movies... yes all of them. I even enjoyed Superman Returns. All seasons of Smallville are proudly displayed on my bookshelf. I also have quite a bit of long boxes full of his many comic books.

So with all of this said I can without shame say I can be biased when it comes to anything to do with the red-caped boy scout. That aside I have to say that in June I feel I may actually get the movie I've always wanted to see. The newest preview has affirmed all my hopes that this will be not only taken seriously, but that they are handling it in a way that embodies exactly what the story of this sun-loving, orphaned alien is actually all about.

In a time where the world is scary and the ground feels shaky, it seems absurd to think a comic movie would have any true worth for people. I can see that point of view, but the story they are offering is about hope. It's about going beyond yourself to do what is right and standing when standing isn't easy. Movies have proved me wrong in the past, but I truly hope this is everything I want it to be and I can't wait to throw my money at the ticket seller and climb the steps to my favorite level of seats. It may be silly, but when I see that S marked shield I find a little joy and a little hope.

What movies or characters make you guys feel this way? 

Also if you have not seen it here is the latest trailer:


  1. Wow looks good. I'm glad they're bringing Superman back. He used to be one of my favs too.

  2. Movies make me feel better when the theme is the interconnectedness of humankind. That's been my favorite theme in books and movies since my favorite college professor emphasized it. I like a happy ending, too.

    Janie Junebug

    1. For sure, that is a great theme. I like all kinds of things, but it is great leaving a theater feeling good about the world. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I had not seen the trailer. It is fantastic! Now I have another movie to wait for.