Friday, October 17, 2014

Inspiration Friday!

And here it is, another IF, proving at some point I can keep doing something. :) I figured I want to do this a bit different though. Instead of focusing on one piece of inspiration, I am going to give out several. 


For this I can't pick a book, no for this I have to talk about a series, by Jim Butcher. The Dresden files is at this point made up of 15 books. From what the author says, there will be at least 20 books in the series by its finish. 

This series and author inspire me in many ways. The steadiness at which Butcher writes is amazing. In paperback these are over 400 page books. Still he cranks them out with the seasoned ability that many professional writers could only dream of.  

At the same time, a person could write books and put them out with frequency. Trust me I have started series where the author puts out a book every 6 months and the result isn't always pristine. 

No, the main inspiration comes from how well they are written. You fall in love with the character, with the world in which he is written. You get to see a side of Chicago that almost feels real. The way he weaves his plot is, for lack of a better word, magic. 

Trust me if I am ever in Chicago I am looking in the phone book for the only Detective Wizard around. 

It may seem scary starting such a big series, but if you are looking for a great read that will give you tons of enjoyment I suggest diving in head first.


Music for me if a fluid thing. I am not a person that listens to one genre. I can thank my mom for that. She had every station on at some point when I was a kid. So weekly, well even daily, what inspires me could change. Still there is one song that is making frequent rounds as I write this week. The song itself is addictive, but the lyrics are quite clever as well. From Hozier - Take Me to Church.


If you, like me, own a DVR you know how distracting it can be. Also how full it can get when you put it off. Still you can find a lot of inspiration if the show is good enough. For me there is one show that really makes me want to create. Hell On Wheels, is a show about the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. This is one that has me excited to sit down and give an hour of my day. 

There are many reasons this show is good, the plot, the acting, the way they end it just making you want more. Still a bigger reason is one man. Anson Mount. I am writing a book (The Andious Seed) and if I was ever lucky to have a movie made from it, this guy would play a staring role. If you know me you know that isn't something I ever do. Picking an actor never feels right, but for him it works so well. 

Well I know it was a long time between IFs, but hopefully I have given you something to inspire yourself with. As always, have fun and keep writing. 


  1. Twenty books total? That is impressive. I can't imagine writing that many in a series. (And not running out of ideas.)
    My DVR always has something waiting for me. Often many things.

    1. It is. He is awesome. I know I try to get it all watched but only so many hours.

  2. I love when a book and/or series can be so amazing on many levels. I know you've been telling me to read these . . . I will, I will! But I like to binge read, maybe I want all 20 in a shot...okay, I'm insane lol but I am looking forward to being inspired by great writing as well. When I do you'll hear all about it. :)

  3. Do you think he's able to write all those books because they are formulaic? That guy is hot. Thanks for pointing him out. Who would play Sophia in a movie about the Elementals? And Aiden? I think Channing Tatum could be Zach, though maybe he's a little old for the part. I am so far behind on my DVR viewing that I still have the closing ceremony from the Olympics on mine.


    1. They could be called formulaic, but only in one of it's definitions. I would really call them predictable. He just has a style that carries you from book to book. I know I think I will always be behind on my DVR, more so because some shows I have to wait for Amanda to watch.

  4. I love the Dresden Files. I think I have read all of them but I might have missed one. Jim Butcher wrote another series recently too. I can't remember the name of them off hand, but they were very good.

    1. That is awesome, I am still a few behind, but steadily catching up.

  5. Lots of stuff that I don't read/watch here. I like the premise of the book series AND the TV show, so I will look into it. Thanks!