Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This is an awesome group of people the come together to air their insecurities or offer advise and support. To join up go here.

This is the three year anniversary, of IWSG. Quite an accomplishment and truly this is a great group to be a part of. 

Accomplishments are great to celebrate. The act of doing something, finishing something, accomplishing, something. I can honestly say the past few months have been absent of this for me. At least when I look to my writing/blogging. 

Don't get me wrong, I had excuses. Good ones. The right kind of excuses. New born, moving to a new house and countless other things that are really good reasons to be absent and not so productive.

This is what I kept telling myself when I would have those little 'in my own head' conferences. In fact it is what I could tell my self from now until the deathbed. 

Life will always have distractions. That is what life is. Good distractions, bad distractions. Last week I had what we in the south like to refer as a 'comin to Jesus' moment. I realized if this was the life I wanted. To support myself and family through artistic means. I could not let things get in the way. I had to sacrifice and make it a priority. 

This isn't a very revolutionary idea. Ask any successful person you know or have heard of and they will tell you this is the truth. Still, sometimes it takes you pulling yourself aside and breaking the news, for it to sink in.

Anyway, I think I am on the right track now, as I just wrote 10k words last week. I hope you are all doing well. As always, have fun and keep writing. 


  1. That much last night? You're not just inspired, you're motivated and on fire! Go, man, go.

  2. He said last week Alex. This situation is much the same whether you write or have any other job. You have to get on with it despite family ties, personal problems or anything else. You just have to regulate your hours and schedule when you are going to spend time writing and when you are going to be with family, etc.

  3. If you aren't writing, you can't call yourself a writer. Can I have an Amen???

    I feel ya... I've been sick the last few days and barely able to drag myself out of bed. But that ain't no excuse!

  4. OMG 10K new words? Woot!!!
    Sometimes it does take a good self-stern-talking-to for us to prioritize what's important. But, umm...its all lol You got this, though! You do! :)

  5. Good for you for getting back to it!

  6. I feel inspired by your renewed dedication. I believe you'll make it work.

  7. 10K last week? That's awesome! That is definitely something to celebrate. And yes, I think you do get a pass with a newborn. :)

    It's great to meet you through the IWSG!

    IWSG co-host

  8. Yup, sometimes, life gives us distractions and it makes it hard to write. Not always though, but I try not to sweat it when those kinds of distractions happen. Stressing over it doesn't solve the situation, after all. Congratulations on the 10K words.