Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas with broken things.

When I was growing up I had this strange affinity towards broken things. I knew that other people wouldn't want them and so I grew more attached to them because of that. While this extended to people as well, I mostly am talking about inanimate objects. 

If I found something broken I would always try to get my mom to buy it for me and if she said why, I would tell her because no one else will buy it. 

It is not strange to me that I find my daughter having the same issue. We are after all, quite alike. Recently we found a fox cookie jar. We both love foxes and thought it was cute, but it wasn't until we saw it was damaged( a few chips here and there) that we rushed to buy it. The "broken" fox now sits on our counter. 

Well this year we moved. I love our new place with it's giant yard and pool and lack of nosy near-by neighbors. Still the problem of moving from a bigger house to a smaller house is—space. So we talked about it and we decided no tree this year.

Well Sunday we found ourselves at Wal-Mart trying to get a few odd things and some wrapping paper. It was there we saw a small white tree sitting off by itself. I made a comment about how it would fit if we wanted to get it. We agreed and I found a clerk who worked in the garden center. Come to find out they'd all been sold. 

I was going to walk away when a thought hit me. "What about the one on the floor?" I said.

The clerk peered around me and finding the tree said, "Oh I'm sorry sir, only half the lights work on that tree, it's broken."

Me and my daughter looked at each other. He had said the magic word. I asked him if they would sell it anyway. A quick call to his manager and we got our lovely broken tree at a discount. Amanda(my wife) wrapped a few lights we had around it and you would never know it was broken. 

So for all the broken things out there I hope you find your place and to all who celebrate it I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. For those that celebrate other things Happy Holidays and for those that celebrate nothing....come on get with it man!!!


  1. Reaching out for the broken things. What a great sentiment! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Some extra lights and no one would know.
    And I'm going to mail you all of my broken stuff now.
    Have a great Christmas, Brandon!

  3. Yup, will send you anything I have that's broken too. I love that fox, most attractive as is the tree. In both cases you would never know. Have a very merry Christmas Brandon and a wonderful New Year.

  4. Brilliant! How cute that you and your daughter are so alike. And what a lovely Christmas story. Loved reading this, Brandon. And I hope your New Year is wonderful. I always enjoy your blog and I'm excited to continue to read about your adventures. :)