Friday, December 12, 2014

Inspiration Friday

Love. Yep. There is a reason that Romance is such a big genre. People enjoy reading about love. In all its forms, unrequited, unexposed, soul mates, rekindled. It just makes for great reads. 

This week I want to give some songs I like to listen to when trying to write those types of stories.

First is a song all about meeting that perfect person and wanting to show them just how perfect for you they are. It was originally a Justin Timberlake song, but I always liked this version better. 

Next is one for those moments when love is there, but it is not yet fully trusted. Sometimes it is hard for a character to trust love again. 

Next is the hard one love not returned or lost.

Last is the love we all want. The one with no strings attached or unconditional love.

So these are my musical inspirations at the moment, but I have something else. I have not post pictures in a bit of one of my biggest inspirations so here he is Dorian, growing much too fast for his dad.

Anyway these are my inspirations what about you guys? As always have fun and keep writing. 


  1. He's cute. Watch out, he'll be asking for the car keys before you know it.

  2. Those pictures are too cute! I think love comes up in a lot of stories, even if it isn't part of the central plot, so inspiration is always good.

  3. Someone said to me recently that every story is a love story in some way. It doesn't necessarily need to be love for another person, though that is what most drives most of us. So, in some way every story is a love story. I like how music touches us in our most creative places. It can be a sentiment or a lyric that speaks to us and gives us that *idea* that really adds depth to the story. Your songs remind me that, once again, I'm not in touch with popular music. I'd only heard the first one, Mirrors. Surprisingly, I'm familiar with this version, too, as I like Boyce Avenue.

    Your baby is adorable!!!!

  4. Awww he's so adorable!!!!! Who wouldn't be inspired with that cuteness? :D
    Inspirational love songs? It always works for writing for me too, great choices!

  5. Lovely pix of your son. Alex is right, he will be asking for the car keys before you know it. They grow up so fast.

  6. Dorian is beautiful. My life and encounters with people inspire me. I would love to be the most important person in someone's life and be loved unconditionally. It's something I can give but have yet to receive. Perhaps it will never happen, but it's okay because I give love and that's more important. Oh! Wait a minute! I just realized that I am the most important person in Franklin's life, and he loves me unconditionally. The same has been true of several other dogs. I am a fortunate woman.


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