Friday, November 20, 2015

Update Post!!


The Book

So as you may or may not know, I had a "working" copy of my third installment to the Light Bringer's Saga a few months ago and I trashed it, or at least most of it. It didn't work and I was rushing myself and trying to force it. Well I have been working on it pretty steadily and feel I am about 70% done with my draft. I might even have it finished by December 1st. I have wanted to get this story out for quite some time, but it is the resolution to many things that I have built over the course of the series and it had to be right. 

Having said that I have have another book waiting in the wings and can't wait to start work on it. I already have about 30k words done on it so really I am just waiting to jump back in. If you are interested in learning more jump back to 2013 by clicking HERE

The Store

So I have post about my wife's store before.

 She makes really cool jewelry. 

I have also talked about my clay figures before. 

Well they are all in the same shop now. 

Anything from rings and necklaces, to Dragon's and Batsy Cats. Also because I know people :D if you enter the coupon code Bax20(caps don't matter) you can get 20% off your order, good until Dec. 15th. So if you like handmade, unique jewelry and figures or know someone who does. Click here and check out the store. Layla's Trinkets.

Something Cool

So if you are not following S.K. Anthony's blog...get on that lol. But also something really fun happened over there. I personally love watching YouTube for anything about books. Discussion, author interviews, book reviews, anything really. So it was really cool to see S and her friend and fellow author Raymond Esposito bring us Writer's After Dark. A fun new YouTube channel dedicated to all things books. Go see them argue over which is better, Romance or Horror?!

Something Inspiring

This may be slightly hard to hear, but I thought it was pretty cool. Alan Moore( Watchmen, From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ) talks about writing and publishing. 

Anyway I hope you guys found something in there you liked. How is your writing going? Did you need some gift ideas and found the store to be that fix? Planning on checking out Writer's After Dark? I hope everyone is enjoying their November. As always, have fun and keep writing.


  1. That's cool those little figures are now in your wife's shop.
    Sorry you had to trash that third manuscript, but sounds like the rewrite is coming along.
    Not writing at the moment. Was so busy reading entries for the IWSG Anthology Contest, I didn't have time for anything else.

  2. The dragons are so adorably awesome! I'm making the push to finish a story before my kid is off for Thanksgiving break. Now just to figure out a way to defeat the big baddie! :)

  3. Those figurines are so cute. My granddaughters would go gaga over those.

  4. Good luck finishing your novel! What pretty jewelry, and I love the clay figures!

  5. I cannot wait for Light Bringer!! Bring it!! lol

    Love the clay figures and the jewelry, as you already know! Thanks for sharing the Writers After Dark video :)

  6. Good luck with finishing your book Brandon. Your wife makes real awesome jewelry and I just love your clay figures. I wish I could buy them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Good luck with your projects. I know about that urge to finish something before diving into something else. Great items in the store.

  8. I love those figures! I was looking for a Christmas centerpiece for my dining room table yesterday and I started to go to Hobby Lobby. But then I realized I could get the same thing on Etsy and support an individual crafter. I went over and bought one and decided that's how I'm going to buy all of my decorations from now on.