Wednesday, July 6, 2016


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So as I finally come close to the end of my first draft for this latest book, I find myself looking back on all that went into it. The two previous installments for sure, but also a lot of life.

What I mean by that is a lot has happened to me between writing the first book in this series and now. I wish I could say that all of it has been good, but honestly while there were great moments, this has been a very hard and trying few years.

Still, I got to meet great people, like my amazing CP, S.K. Anthony, my wonderful and insightful editor, Janie. I have all of you wonderful people coming to my blog and giving me hope and sustaining my interest. 

I've had some great personal things happen as well and while the bad often seems to outweigh the good it is a true statement that, the light shines through. 

My love for writing pushes me, but it is you wonderful people that offer a refuge from my worries and teach me so much. 

So this IWSG I just want to thank you all for being you, keep that stuff up won't you?

Also I wanted to let everyone know about a cool new website and video up on a friend's page. Check them out, these guys are fun to watch and the website sounds really cool. So click here and go check it out, for real, do seriously click it. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is well. As always have fun and keep writing.

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  1. How exciting that your first draft of book 3 is just about wrapped up! Your life has been pretty exciting, that's for sure, with babies and all kinds of things. The online support from people who are strangers and yet friends is pretty incredible, isn't it?