Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Progress Report # 2

Hello everyone, I got another progress report for you.

Unfortunately the job I just got had to do a lay off. I saw it coming, but it still sucks. Luckily I rock interviews so I got another job lined up already. Still this is just another hit to my focus. 

I feel like for whatever reason finishing this book has become a herculean labor. Hard as it is, I am finding myself up to the task. I had some great sessions this past week. I will not be held down, lol. 

I am learning how adaptive of a person I am. I am also learning to push the doubt aside. 

My focus lately is on how to get my name out there. I have a Facebook, a Twitter and a blog. These I have used to get the sales I have so far. I have been thinking it is time to add a new one to the list. 

I have enjoyed blogging a lot and the biggest thing I have enjoyed has been connecting with people. So to further that, I am going to make use of my YouTube channel. 

I will focus mostly on writing and my process much like the blog, but I will also have some other things thrown in. I guess I could say it better myself in this vid. 

Anyway, what is everyone else up to? Hope you guys enjoy the vid. As always, have fun and keep writing. 


  1. Congrats on the other job!!! And yes, pushing doubt aside is hard, but it must be done.

    And welcome to the YouTube vlogging world!!!! :D

  2. Brave man to dive into YouTube. I couldn't do it.
    Glad you were able to land another job quickly.

  3. All the best for your new job.

  4. I've tinkered with YouTube but not enough to offer advice. Good luck.

  5. Great news about the new job already!

  6. Glad you were able to get right into another job. Congrats!

    And hooray for the vlog, too. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  7. Nice!
    I've been wanting to do something like this, too. I always get a thing 90% written or recorded then say, "This sucks!" and trash it, be it comment, vlog, etc.
    If I actually post this comment, it is in the minority of content I commit to!

    You have a good intro, outro. Looks like the platform is there for you. Keep at it! I subbed.

  8. Bummer about getting laid off, but I'm glad you found another job quickly. I hope your YouTube venture pays off.