Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Write what

So before I get to my, probably not as clever as I think it is, title. I want to talk about the actual phrase. Write what you know. We hear it a lot and I often worry writers are taking that advice as a limitation instead of a moment to better ourselves. This could be fixed by a simple rewording. Know what you write. Don't let lack of knowledge pigeonhole you into secluding yourself to small areas of topics. Learn all you can, research new things daily. Become the writer you want to be.

Now, onto the other. Most of us in life say no, more than we say yes. There are a great deal of things that, being who we are, we will never try. I think as a writer these are amazing topics to write about. Finding things that make you uncomfortable or that you could never do with a clear conscious in your everyday life, can make for great writing.

Maybe it isn't your MC that is doing these things, but a side character or a villain. The point is not to add shock (necessarily) or be racy without value. The idea is, if there is a topic that is slightly uncomfortable for you, or evokes an emotion from you, it is likely to get some emotional reaction out of your reader.

Finding a topic to give your story weight can be done many ways. Just adding the most common of things, a love story, can do this. Still, as a writer, I always feel I have to push myself and that can mean making myself go to places I wouldn't normally.

Are there draw backs to this? Most definitely. When writing about certain topics one has to be careful not to misrepresent someone or something. I personally am not an atheist, if I were to write about one I wouldn't want to come off as criticizing them by making them seem less of a person just because they don't share my views. The same can go for anything that doesn't line up with my set of ideals and beliefs.  From a murderer to a vegetarian. They are not me, but at their base they are people. In most respects they hold to the same base standards as I hold myself to, then at some point they branch out in different ways than I have.

It is following these branches that make for some interesting characters and moments in your story.

Okay, well I have gone on long enough. Remember only a few days left for the giveaway. Can't wait to announce the winners.

Anyway, hope this helps some people, most of it is just a jumble of thoughts floating around my head. As always, have fun and keep writing.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I can breathe.

No one had more doubt than I did four months ago. As many of you know, I decided to get Ashes out by August 20th. I wrote Elemental off and on for over a year and edited it off and on for three. I have always been the kind of writer that works on several projects at once. Dedicating myself to only one thing was, to say the least, hard.

As certain things in life happened and my internal(are you sure infernal shouldn't go here?) editor made me erase three whole chapters, I found myself behind when July hit. I will say I tested myself those last weeks. Still, with lots of encouragement and a small amount of stubbornness, it did get finished. 

I ended up with something I am supremely happy with. 

It really makes me excited to keep writing and putting books out for people. Also seeing where I can go in the future, fills me with hope. After the release and a bunch of marketing for the giveaway I may have slept for a full twenty-four hours. I came out of that sleep ready to work. 

I have started on the third book in this series with a surprising amount of energy and excitement. I cannot wait to cap this story off for readers and finally have what has been living in my head all of this time out in the world. I have been told by my family I can't set a release date for it yet, lol. Still, I want to say thank you all for being on this journey with me and teaching me and encouraging me. Blogging has truly made me a better writer.

There is a blogger who was nice enough to post about Ashes today. If you would go to his blog and say hi, that would be awesome. While there check out the ongoing story of his book, Woven. (David Powers King)

Also 5 more days on giveaway. Get those entries in.

Anyway, time to go write. Hope all is well your way. As always, have fun and keep writing.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Molly's set.

She was an artist and a seer.

She accepted him and changed his life.

She was his love.

She was his tragedy.

Her name was Molly.

To find out more about Molly and Sidney's story pick up Elemental, here.

So now finally get to show everyone the other prize in the giveaway. I am really happy with how they came out.

Again, I am so thankful to Layla's Trinkets for doing this. Remember she is still offering 40% off on all purchases until the 31st. Just enter Lightbringer2Ashes at checkout.

Also the contest has 8 days left, so get those entries in.

Anyway, I can't wait to announce the winners and see who all gets one of these awesome prizes. As always have fun and keep writing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Here!!!!!!

It is finally here and I couldn't be more excited. It has been a grueling 4 months, but after reading through the final version I am very proud of my new child. I have had some great people helping me out and I couldn't have done this without them. You know who you are and know I appreciate you greatly.

The hard copy is still being processed, but the Kindle version can be bought, here.

I got the chance to be interviewed by the lovely S.K. Anthony. Go check it out, as always it was a lot of fun.

I can't wait for everyone to see Sophia's journey through this book. Writing it pulled a lot out of me and while life didn't slow down so I could finish this work, it did help me paint each page. I truly hope everyone enjoys it.

The Giveaway!

This whole writing process and self publishing has been a learning experience for me and I have wanted to grow each time. Not only in my writing, but in the ways I get it out to people. So with Ashes I was offered a chance to do something really cool.

That is this giveaway. Due to a camera snafu (love that word) individual pictures of the element necklaces and Molly's set will come later this week, but for now here are two shots of all four "Elemental stones".

Aren't they awesome? If you think these are nice go check out their creator at Layla's Trinkets. She is running a deal to help me celebrate my book. Through the 31 of August if you buy something there enter the code, Lightbringer2Ashes, and get 40% off your purchase.

So I went through Rafflecopter and found it so far to be really easy to learn and use.

If any of the options to get an entry have already been completed by you, just click them anyway and you will still be entered that way. Also tweets can be done once a day to get your extra entry.

This contest will go through to August 31. I will do a post after announcing the winners and getting information to send out prizes. I am so excited for this. On my side bar you can see the widget, if you want to grab it there is a link at the bottom. Also there you can see terms and conditions.

Anyway, I got a lot going on and can't be happier about it. I hope all is well your way. As always, have fun and keep writing.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Family ready for the new year.

For us summer will be over in a few days as the kids go back to school. This year will be different than others as it is the first year my kids will be in different schools, complete with different drop off and pickup times. Also with my second book coming out soon my writing is hitting a new plateau in its journey. I will again have to adjust my schedule to be able to write in the day while kids are in school. I am ready to look forward at the year and see what it will bring.

My eldest is getting ready to start her first year in middle school. This brings with it mixed emotions. I am proud of her as she is starting with all advanced classes. I am also anxious because this will be a big change and the person she is going to be the rest of her life will really begin forming here.

As a dad I am looking at my little girl and seeing a glimpse of the woman she will one day be. It is truly a cocktail of joy and sadness.

She seems excited though so we are going to go ahead and let her grow up...if we have to.

Gabe is in open rebellion of summer ending. It will be his first year without his sister and he is not too happy about it. The fact that it means less time for video games may also factor in. 

Although I am sure two weeks in, he will be glad to have his friends and the school library back. 

The house is going to be strange and quiet throughout the day.

This summer was spent with fun times, but also a lot of work. Deciding to write and revise and come out with a book in four months took a lot of my time and I feel summer was gone too fast. Still, I look forward to what the year will bring us and can't wait to hear about new friends and experiences.

Anyway, what was you guy's summer like? Can't wait to see you all Tuesday for the release of Ashes. As always have fun and keep writing.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IT'S FREE!!!!!!

The days are ticking down to the release of Ashes. To celebrate the upcoming release and giveaway Elemental will be free today and tomorrow on Amazon as an ebook. 

Go grab your copy. I also wanted to leave a small excerpt for everyone to read.

Expert from the book


         The dream came at me with aggression. Some distinction was made in my subconscious that let me know it wasn't your everyday collection of images. I was standing in the middle of an empty city street, it was night and the darkness was heavy around me. The tall buildings ran along either side of the street, their height cutting out sections of the sky. The doors were shut and no light poured out of the windows.
          I could hear the wind howling, but I couldn't feel its touch. The ground rumbled and rain began to fall around me. I stood still, not sure of what to do. The asphalt road spread out in front of me past what I could see and behind me was only more of the same. A small part of me wanted to run, but I knew there was nowhere to go, nowhere that I was any safer than here.
        Taking a step forward I felt the earth shake harder, the rumbling nearly pulled me from my feet. I knelt down and touched the water soaked road, it vibrated and I felt a strange warmth. The rain picked up and I could feel the wind finally touch me. I felt safe, where I was I had protection. There was a whisper on the wind. A voice said, “Look.” I lifted my face and took in what was in front of me. I saw a glowing, yellow-orange light grow in the distance.
         I felt a warmth pouring toward me, a single line of flame slithered around me like a snake, it was a shadow of the fire in the distance. I felt its warmth upon my body and the rain didn't diminish its form. I knew it, as I knew the rain and wind and earth. I could hear it, it said my name and something else, something quiet. I leaned closer to the flame and heard its whisper clearly, it said, “Run.”

          I felt terror build in me, but it was too late. The sky above me burst into flames, from the clouds of fire an arm burst free. The burning appendage raked the buildings beside me and tore deep gouges from their surface. Everywhere the fiery arm touched flames billowed up consuming all around it. A second arm tore free and spread wide its fingers, a booming voice poured from inside the flames saying a single word. “Mine!” As it spoke the second flaming arm descended upon me.

Anyway I'm excited here, can't wait for everyone to read it. I hope you re all doing well. As always have fun and keep writing.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ashes Cover Reveal.

I'm so happy with how it came out. Again thanks goes to S. Balac for his art. (Here is his DA) To my wife and CP for their input on changes and to my kids for their input of, "Cool" and "Awesome".

Here is the blurb:

A year ago, Sophia would have told you monsters existed only in the movies. That the world is easily understood and life has a way of making sense.  A year ago, Sophia would have been wrong. 

Her world had changed and she'd seen behind the curtain.  With Aiden and the others by her side, all she wants now is answers. The monsters were gone, but in their absence new questions about her past were left to haunt.

As the search for answers begins, a remnant from her nightmares returns. Her new understanding of the world is once more shaken and she finds herself on the opposite side of powerful Elementals.

When those sworn to protect humanity are your enemies, the lines of right and wrong become blurred. One wrong choice and she could be left with ashes.

Okay, on to other exciting news. My giveaway. I had intended to do it with the cover reveal, but things out of my control made that an impossibility. So I have decided to do it on release day, August 20th. Still I am excited to give the details of what I am giving away.

I am lucky enough to have access to someone who makes handmade jewelry. She has been awesome and kind enough to help me out. So awesome in fact instead of making one piece of jewelry she is making five.

First winner will receive a representation of Molly's Necklace and earrings from Elemental. Then there will be four more winners that will receive one of four necklaces representing one of the four elements.

Here is a link to her store, go check out the awesome things she makes. Layla's Trinkets. Another awesomely awesome thing she did was (I may be biased) if anyone is interested in buying something from now until August 31 you can enter the code, Lightbringer2Ashes (not caps sensitive), for 40% off any purchases. 

I will be using Rafflecopter to determine winners. Ways to enter are liking my author FB, sending out a tweet using @Brandonax and linking to the giveaway and then extra entries will be given for anyone who leaves a review of either Ashes or Elemental on Amazon.

Which brings me to my next bit of info. To help promote Ashes, Elemental will be up for free on Amazon for two days, August 14 and 15.

The giveaway will run from August 20th through September 10th before the winners are selected. Anyone willing to help me out by doing a post on the cover reveal or the giveaway please let me know in the comments or send me and email at ( Thank you in advance. 

Anyway I can't wait to have the book out for everyone to see. For now I am happy to just sit and stare at my cover. As always have fun and keep writing. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! Come join us.

So on the whole I am feeling good. When I started this whole thing I always said before I get too far into my 30s I want to have a book out there. Well yesterday was the 31st year of mine on this big ball of dirt and as of August 20th I will have two books out there. So if nothing else I guess one could say I am on track.

Does that mean there are no insecurities to talk about? No, of course not. I am after all a writer, insecure is in the job description. This latest book, Ashes, has tested me. For one thing I wrote it in about three months. After some personal issues in my life, getting incredibly sick and a moment where I had to delete three whole chapters—I honestly didn't think it would be done in time for my deadline.

Still I did it. Time to celebrate, right? Not quite. Elemental came out April 20th of this year after much prodding from my wife. I didn't really have expectations for it. I knew I enjoyed the story and knew it was one I had a hard time pitching for some reason. It came out and while the splash it made wasn't huge, it surprised me at the ripples it sent out. Those that have read it have enjoyed it and have let me know just how much. Nothing could have made me happier. To know you as an author can reach someone is, I believe, the ultimate goal.

Now, though, I have a future to plan for. I have to show readers I am here to stay. I have to show them I can put out content and not fall away from the pressure. Also to let them know that you can put something out that will bring them the same joy and emotions as your previous work.

This is my current insecurity. Making sure that I can keep the readers I now have and cause them to be excited enough to tell others. Quality along with quantity, the goal of a self published author. For now my work with the writing is paused. It is in trusted hands, when I get it back then I will do intensive and quick revisions and edits and then to the world it goes. The finish line is in sight and I am ready for my last sprint.

In other news. Friday will bring the cover reveal for Ashes. I am so excited to share this with you guys. Also I will be giving the full details of my giveaway. I am very excited for both. 

Anyway, until then I hope everyone is well and thanks for being patient with me in my frequent absence. As always, have fun and keep writing.