Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The new me.

Hello my long lost friends. So, I didn't want to write one of those, "I'm Back", post.

The main reason is—I'm not.

Let me clarify.

That guy that was here before is not back. I knew when I wrote my last post that something was about to change with me. My life had gone through some pretty dramatic changes in rapid succession and it took its toll. I had stumbled through a few breaks and came back feeling only slightly recharged each time.

All that said, I think the biggest reason for my absence was that I had no real direction. My only steady goal was that I wanted to be a writer. Stumbling into this with a stubbornness, and admittedly, pigheadedness, that I tend to do things with, got me two books.

I am extremely proud of those books and the third one is coming right around the corner. (For real it is super edited and everything.) The thing is I was not prepared for what it means to be self-published. I learned by doing. There is nothing wrong with that, but the problem was I had no time to process what I'd learned.

So after an amazing, record breaking, burnout, I decided to take time. Not a break, but some real time to figure out what I wanted and where I was going with all of this.

The good news is I have found that. I am really energized and ready to jump back in full force. I have so many cool things in the works and I have missed everyone.

Well, before this gets too long I will cut myself off. I can't wait to get around and see everyone's blogs and what you have been up to.

The future is full of potential and I'm excited.

Talk to everyone soon.