Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas with broken things.

When I was growing up I had this strange affinity towards broken things. I knew that other people wouldn't want them and so I grew more attached to them because of that. While this extended to people as well, I mostly am talking about inanimate objects. 

If I found something broken I would always try to get my mom to buy it for me and if she said why, I would tell her because no one else will buy it. 

It is not strange to me that I find my daughter having the same issue. We are after all, quite alike. Recently we found a fox cookie jar. We both love foxes and thought it was cute, but it wasn't until we saw it was damaged( a few chips here and there) that we rushed to buy it. The "broken" fox now sits on our counter. 

Well this year we moved. I love our new place with it's giant yard and pool and lack of nosy near-by neighbors. Still the problem of moving from a bigger house to a smaller house is—space. So we talked about it and we decided no tree this year.

Well Sunday we found ourselves at Wal-Mart trying to get a few odd things and some wrapping paper. It was there we saw a small white tree sitting off by itself. I made a comment about how it would fit if we wanted to get it. We agreed and I found a clerk who worked in the garden center. Come to find out they'd all been sold. 

I was going to walk away when a thought hit me. "What about the one on the floor?" I said.

The clerk peered around me and finding the tree said, "Oh I'm sorry sir, only half the lights work on that tree, it's broken."

Me and my daughter looked at each other. He had said the magic word. I asked him if they would sell it anyway. A quick call to his manager and we got our lovely broken tree at a discount. Amanda(my wife) wrapped a few lights we had around it and you would never know it was broken. 

So for all the broken things out there I hope you find your place and to all who celebrate it I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. For those that celebrate other things Happy Holidays and for those that celebrate nothing....come on get with it man!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Inspiration Friday

Love. Yep. There is a reason that Romance is such a big genre. People enjoy reading about love. In all its forms, unrequited, unexposed, soul mates, rekindled. It just makes for great reads. 

This week I want to give some songs I like to listen to when trying to write those types of stories.

First is a song all about meeting that perfect person and wanting to show them just how perfect for you they are. It was originally a Justin Timberlake song, but I always liked this version better. 

Next is one for those moments when love is there, but it is not yet fully trusted. Sometimes it is hard for a character to trust love again. 

Next is the hard one love not returned or lost.

Last is the love we all want. The one with no strings attached or unconditional love.

So these are my musical inspirations at the moment, but I have something else. I have not post pictures in a bit of one of my biggest inspirations so here he is Dorian, growing much too fast for his dad.

Anyway these are my inspirations what about you guys? As always have fun and keep writing. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


If you would like to join this awesome group go here and sign up.

I missed last month due to personal things, but I wanted to make sure I got one out this month as I love being part of this group. 

It is timely as well because the topic I wanted to share was about editing. I just got finished going through the edits for Ashes and it really inspired me to share my views on self publishing with an editor. 

So two books in, why did I not get an editor from the start? Well I imagine they are all the normal reasons most people try to go without. 

I loved English growing up and always got good grades so I should be able to handle things. 

Money is always an issue when trying to get something you created out there on your own.

If you write a great story isn't it more important than a "few" grammar mistakes?

So let's look at these.

Loved English. It's true, but honestly even if I was an English teacher(which I am not) as the author you are too close to your work. You see it in your mind as much as on paper. Just having fresh eyes alone is invaluable. If those eyes happen to be educated in finding mistake all the better for you.

Money. Oh money, you insufferable necessity. Here is the thing, I learned something when I was in sales at a younger age. The best way to sell a product is to add value to it. There are few things you can do that add as much value to your work as having it edited. (Cover, revisions, formatting) 

Last is a big one. A good story can beat a bad cover. If people fall in love with your character they can overlook a lot of things. The question is, how many people do you want to reach with your work? If you put something out there that has blaring read lights to a large portion of the reading community you are going to lose readers. Why not make your book as accessible as it can be?

Personally my editor, the wonderful Janie Junebug, is one of a few choices I made in my writing journey that I am so grateful for. She has a way of making me feel competent while at the same time making me a better writer.

She may at this time be editing this post while shaking her head, but I know she has my back. I know I can go forward and write and when the time comes she will add the glue that makes my manuscript a solid piece of work. That my friends, is priceless. 

Anyway, tell me about your editors or if you are looking forward to having one. As always have fun and keep writing.