Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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This month I am putting away my usual and consistent to the point of boredom, insecurities. 

This month I have a different sort. What seems like ages ago I talk about a children's book I did illustrations for. Because of issues in the author's life the book had been slow going. 

Well, I just got word that he has finally got everything ready and is looking for an editor to send it to. This is great news. I had so much fun drawing the characters and scenes. 

My insecurity is in the fact that after drawing them I had no control over them. The author is someone I trust and well, he paid me for the art so it is his now. Still, as an artist this is the first time I am not in control of what is done with it, how it is formatted and how it will be presented.

In some ways it is nice to let go and have someone else deal with it. In others it is a bit scary. 

I wonder if this is what traditional publishing feels like?

Anyway, how is everyone doing? I hope you are all well, as always, have fun and keep writing.