Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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This month I am not so insecure as I am reflective. This weekend we had a Birthday party for my youngest. This means it has been one year since I made the post where I announced his arrival to the world. 

The party was fun, if tiring(as they usually are). I always make a cake for my kids' 1st and so I did again this time. I was a little rusty, but it came out okay. 

We had Monsters theme because he loves them, so he got to where this cute little outfit.

So why am I writing about this here? Well it isn't just to show off my cute baby. It has to do with that year, now gone. It is hard for me to understand that another one has slipped away. I feel like I was just telling you guys about him for the first time. 

We writers have a saying in this business 'It isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.' I believe that wholeheartedly. With all that it takes to write these stories and build our fan base and grow and learn, nothing can be expected to happen quickly.

Still, when these moments happen it really makes you start to think on it all. For me it has really been an inspiration to be more driven. I am truly ready to be the whole person I have always wanted to be, the whole artist I have wanted to be. 

I think that maybe time moves fast when we aren't looking. When we let stress and insecurities eat up our moments. I for one am ready to use all of my time wisely.

Anyway, how is everyone else doing? As always have fun and keep writing.