Sunday, June 2, 2013


I am excited to share the release of Uprising with you all. Below is an interview I did with the author Jessica Therrien.

1. With your second book coming out how much difference is there to the first time around?

It’s more familiar, but just as exciting. I’m a little more crazed because I have a baby now. It feels good to have book 2 coming out, like I’m really an author. It’s finally sinking in.

2. What are some of your writing practices, do you listen to music, have to go to a quiet place?

My favorite place to write is in the passenger side of my husband’s car while he’s driving. We take about a 2 hour trip every weekend to visit my in-laws. It’s prime writing time for me. Baby is asleep. Music is on. Fingers are typing.

3. Is there a certain character or characters you find are easier to write/write about than others?

Both Kara and Alex were loud voices in my head. They decided what they’d do and when. I’m not sure why certain characters take on lives of their own, but I like that they do.

4. If you could be anyone in either of your books who would it be?

I would be Alex in book two. He has THE COOLEST ability. I’d love to have it.

5. Besides the Children of the Gods series is there anything else you're working on?

Yes. I have a few things started, but every time I work on them I feel guilty for not focusing on my series. I still have a 3rd book to finish. In time I’ll move on to those projects. I’m looking forward to something new.

Thank you for answering all of my questions and good luck on future success.

Anyone Interested in the book or the author can follow the link at the top of the page (The author's name Jessica Therrien) Or any of these at the bottom.


  1. A good author is a brilliant inspiration...

    1. Agreed :) Whenever I need inspiration, I read a good book.

  2. Jessica, that's because Alexes are always cool! Of course, I may be biased...

  3. Thanks for the interview, Brandon :)

  4. Great interview guys!

    Now, excuse me while I go follow those links to learn more about the series... Best of luck Jessica ;)

  5. Writing in the car is a great idea for someone who has a baby. When I had my babies, during the Dark Ages, we lacked these items known as laptops. Heck, we didn't even have a desktop.


    1. Haha! Thank God for pen and paper ;) Yeah...I love my mobile writing sessions. They're great!