Wednesday, April 6, 2016


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So my writing has come back to me. I knew it would and with time I am pretty much back to writing everyday.

I think what worked for me was just focusing on other things. The things that make me happy. 

I had a great weekend with my family and got my youngest outside to go on some adventures. 

I guess the only thing I am really struggling with right now is blogging. So perfect place to ask. How do you guys stay regular with blogging?

Anyway I will leave you all with a picture of me and my little buddy as we explored our yard. 


  1. I have a blogging schedule of sorts. Every Monday and every IWSG day, and then usually when and if I have something to share, whether writing news or information or just something funny.

  2. Wish I had an answer for this one. I've had the same problem myself. I only posted 4 times last year! This year I'm doing much better, having signed up for the A to Z Challenge that's going on this month.

    1. BTW, my A to Z Challenge theme is comic book related, in case you have the time and inclination to check it out.

  3. Sometimes it is best to focus on other things for a while.
    I blog like Madeline - every Monday and IWSG post day. Basically once a week. I can handle that.

  4. Yay for writing every day! The only things keeping me blogging right now are the A-to-Z Challenge and my Intro to Professional Writing class (which I have to post once a week for), though I hope to get into a good rhythm after the month/semester are out.

  5. I've been struggling with blogging too :-/ even with a "once a week" goal. I guess it goes and comes in phases. But I think you have it right, focus on the things that make you happy! Great picture with you and Dorian!!! :)