Saturday, May 21, 2016

Progress Report # 1

So, it has been a little bit since my last post. This week marks a month at my new job. I think things have finally started to regulate. 

I actually got some writing done this week, so that is nice. Finding that balance between family and work is a struggle, but thus is life. I think structure is important for any writer, but doubly so for writers with a day job. 

Last weekend was fun because we decided to be spontaneous and drive three hours to the beach in Charleston. It was a mixed bag considering we have a two year old. He did pretty good with the trip and it was his first time at the beach. 

He loved it at first, but then got cold and so was not too happy. Still once changed and allowed to play in the sand the happy returned. 

The job is going well, my youngest has realized that me leaving is a permanent thing and so has started staying awake until I get home. Once he sees me he goes out, but not until then. Sweet for me, kind of a pain for my wife. 

Anyway, I feel like Saturdays will be a great day for me to try and blog. I may try to add Wednesdays for other content, but keep this as sort of an update day. I hope everyone is doing well, as always have fun and keep writing. 

P.S. below is a video of my youngest first time at the beach. 


  1. Congrats on the new job and glad you're finding time to write.

  2. Glad you are finding your groove.
    Three hours from Charleston? You don't live too far from me then.

  3. I'm glad you're experiencing some level of writerly regularity now. I have lots of free time (being off for the summer), and yet I still haven't put myself to writing very much. I've gotten a good bit of reading and tv show watching done though.

  4. It is great about your new job and it is good you are finding some time to write as well.

  5. Parenting and work are always a juggling act. Sounds like you're about normal. Glad you're enjoying yourself, anyway.

  6. Glad the new job is going well! And I'm glad your little one enjoyed the beach :)