Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spotlight of awesome!!

A big thing I love about blogging is all the help and camaraderie that goes on here. It's a pretty special place. 

It is also filled with some pretty special people. I would like to share some of these folks with you all. Many of you may know them, but it may be time to check out some of the things they can do. 

First up are two amazing...and award winning...authors! 


Aside from being authors the two have started a website with tons of helpful advice, videos, and even a podcast. 

It is the podcast I want to really talk about here. I have been following these two as they made YouTube videos, which are also great. So I remember when they announced the podcast I got really excited.

"How To Know If Writing Advice Is Good", led the way into what would be a new favorite pastime for me.  

As of writing this, they have ten episodes and each of them is really great. They give succinct advice and have great flow and chemistry as they do it. It is a cool resource for new and old writers alike. I often listen to them when drawing or eating. You can even listen to it from itunes and soundcloud.

Oh and they are doing something really cool over there. It is a contest for authors. I will let them explain as they will do it better than me anyway. Click HERE!   

I am a pretty big fan. Do yourselves a favor and check them out. 

Being writer you take a lot of advice. Once we get this advice we sweat and toil over our works of love for who knows how long. Eventually we may get to a point in drafting that we think people might want to buy this stuff. At this point there is an important step that no author should skip. Yes, you may know where I'm going here.


Being a Self Published author it is hard to wade through all the noise and find people we are compatible with. So if I may, I would like to offer up two amazing people for your consideration. 

The first is the wonderful, Janie Junebug. You can check out her blog here where she will give tips on editing and regale you with tales from Florida, Willy Dunne Wooters, and some amazing pups. 

After rushing my books out lacking the proper editing, it was Janie that came to my rescue and helped me right the ship, or did we write the ship? Well one of those things happened. 

She has great insights on content and flow. Many of the structural problems in my prose she helped me curb and fix. You will find working with her insightful and fun. 

I have been told by people that you can never have enough eyes on your work so I also had the pleasure of using this next person to proofread the books and just give it that extra set of peepers. 

Lynda Dietz is incredible as a person and editor. You can find her blog here, where she will offer her editors notes and a profound knowledge of all things editing. I found the process of working with her incredibly enjoyable. You can tell right away that your work is in good hands and you are instilled with a sense of confidence about going forward. 

I know this one was a bit long. I hope that you give the podcast a listen. I am telling you once you start you will want to hear them all. Also check out the blogs of these lovely editors and keep them in mind whenever you are in the market.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for listening, I'll see you next time.  


  1. This is cool. And very good information.

  2. Thanks for the shout! I love working with you because books should always be this much fun.

    I enjoy the Writers After Dark podcasts on my way home from work each Monday. A single episode is the perfect length for my drive, and I find myself laughing while tucking away useful bits of information on the whole process of writing and publishing.

    And you may remember that S.K. Anthony and I kidnapped Janie a few years ago and made her spend two weeks in my kitchen. To be fair, she wasn't really ready for the northern winter, but we did give her coffee, even though she thought my son was a butler. Good people always guarantee good times.

    1. It took a month for me to thaw out, but it was fun to be with you two.

    2. Yes I remember, all three of you together are a hoot!

  3. Thank you! I love writing and righting with you. I'm glad you brought up Lynda because her blog posts provide excellent learning experiences. I don't feel I'm in competition with her. S.K. and Raymond provide great information. A great post, and I really appreciate your words.


    1. Of course. I think people should just hire both of you. Awesome eyes are priceless.

  4. Aww thanks so much for the spotlight!!!! It's fun to do the podcasts so I'm glad you're enjoying them! ;)

    And as far as Lynda and Janie goes, you couldn't have picked better editors to spotlight! Love them to pieces! <3

    SK & Raymond

  5. The people you gave shout-outs to surely deserved it. Great post. And... "a bit long?" Not when compared to some of my windy posts.

    1. Well I guess I am still in the IWSG mindset. I used to have longer post. I try to shave them down a bit now.

  6. Then of course there is ISWG. Don't forget them.