Monday, October 30, 2017

The Chasm.

It is a strange thing to be an artist.

In essence we live inside of our head.  So much of our time is spent being inside of ourselves or trying to get that thing inside of us out.

It leaves, at least me, in a state that is often very lonely.

Now I hasten to add, I live in a full house. A very full house. I am almost never alone.

Also my life is not devoid of happiness. I have many joys that are very dear to me.

Yet I do find what I do to be lonely at times.

I imagine that is why authors and other types of artist like to do signings and cons. It is that moment where our art can reach out and let us interact with others and have them interact with us.

I have enjoyed every bit of interaction that I have had with readers.

I used to wonder if it was ego at play. In the end I am coming to understand that it is that quenching of the loneliness.

Maybe there are self-sustaining artist out there. They just work and work and don't really care what others think or do.

I can understand the mentality some. The art is about expression. To a degree this is for ourselves. To help us understand who we are.

But in the end if we are spending all of this time making our feelings known, we must want to share them.

It isn't just some form of reflection.

It is also a form of communication.

Anyway, just some musings from a busy artist. I hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon.


  1. I think you're human. We are hardwired for interaction, and to desire feedback and interaction with our art is completely normal.

    1. This is true. I think it is hard to know if you are just a crazy person until someone shows you what tribe you belong in.

  2. I know just what you mean! Whether I've written a story, a poem, a song, or just posted on my blog, somewhere deep inside me I wish that everyone who has read what I've done had told me in painstaking detail what they did and/or didn't like about it. Not to feed my ego, but just to give me some sort of communication after the fact.

    1. I know what you mean completely. The people that actually want to talk to me and show interest in what I am doing are so special to me.

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