Friday, April 18, 2014

O is for...


Fun Fact: Otters are actually in my Top 5 list of favorite animals. The otters thick fur enables it to stay warm even in near freezing waters. The otter's five toed webbed feet make then extremely adept swimmers. Their back feet are slightly larger giving then a "flipper" effect. The otter is an amazing fisherman. Consuming fish and crustaceans as well as lizards and other land animals. It is good that it finds food easily because, though small, the otter eats 20% of their body weight daily.



  1. That's a lot of food.
    Now I'm craving Otter Pops...

  2. 20% of their body weight a day! That is amazing. Can you imagine eating like that? Well, me too. But, it's a good thing I don't!!!

  3. I love otters, they are such attractive animals. Didn't know they ate so much. I love to see sea otters wrapped up in kelp. Hubby was fishing in a lake once, no luck, then an otter was teaching her pups and catching fish quite easily and kept looking at Matt as much as to say "this is how you do it".

  4. Otters are so graceful and lean. Their bodies seems to fold right into the waters.