Saturday, April 26, 2014

V & W is for....

So Thursday night I hurt my knee. I have pretty much been in bed with some pain meds. Unfortunately that means I didn't get my post up. It also means I was not able to get the drawings done I wanted. I was really looking forward to W. Hopefully Monday everything will be better. Sorry for some generic post. 

Vampire Bat

Fun Fact: It may look ferocious, but the vampire bat's body usually doesn't grow larger than the human thumb. Anyone with a fear of these flying mammals may want to stay clear of their colonies which can grow to be a 1000 strong. Though adept flyers, the V bat's arms and legs allow it to move quite fast on the ground. When the prey is found they land and quickly run up to their usually sleeping victims and bite down drinking their flowing blood. 


Fun Fact: Thought to be an ice age survivor the wolf is accepted as the ancestor of the domestic dog. An excellent predator the wolf can be found in many different climates thriving. Wolves can interbreed freely with dogs, coyote, and jackals to produce healthy offspring. But not foxes who are to far separated genetically. With no natural predator it was left to humans to destroy their habitat and hunt then onto the endangered species list. 

Thanks everyone see you Monday. 


  1. Aw! Hope your knee heals quickly and you are back on your feet in no time. Get some rest!!

  2. I feel like we got bonus prizes today with two. Rest up and we'll all look forward to Monday!

  3. Hope your knee will be better by Monday. The knee hurts almost more than anywhere else when you hurt it. I like your choices, particularly the wolf, I am very fond of wolves and hope we can sustain the populations.

  4. Oh no! Hope you're healing well and are back to normal by Monday!

  5. Are you following the R.I.C.E. advice? Did anyone tell you about that? Hope you recover soon. I enjoy your drawings and their whimsical humor.

  6. Sorry about your knee! Hope you are up and about by Monday.

  7. Sorry about the knew but glad it wasn't your writing/drawing hand. Okay, I'm me-centric and don't want to have you out of commission long term. Be well.

  8. A friend was telling me that she needed surgery on her ACLU in her left knee...

    I tried to not laugh...


    I guess I failed...

    Knee injuries are not fun!!


  9. Feel better, man! I've had knee injuries before. They're the worst. Sending positive vibes your way.

  10. I've always loved wolves. Bats, not so much. Hope your knee is better.

  11. Sorry to hear about your knee. I see that your "X" post came online early and that the knee is better... yay!

    Yeah, I really wouldn't want to run into a colony of vampire bats. You know the saying... the smaller they are, the feistier they are. I really don't need that sort of feisty in my life.

  12. I wish I had pain meds for my knee. No fair.