Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for....


(That was fun to draw)

Fun fact: First I have to say this is easily my favorite animal. I have always loved tigers since I was a little kid. 

At one point there were 9 subspecies of tiger. Of these, 3 are extinct, 1 is extinct in the wild and the rest are endangered.

This is one of the apex predators and can even hunt and kill bears. Mostly nocturnal these magnificent beast are ambush predators. Using their stripes as camouflage, they leap upon their prey and use their body weight to drag them down. With a powerful bite to the neck  the fight is soon over.

Cubs stay with their mother for around 2 and a half years. The mother must protect her cubs from male tigers who would kill them so she would be receptive to mating again. 

The largest species of tiger, the Siberian, can weight up to 675 pounds and stand over 3 feet at the shoulders. 

This is an animal who could actual soon only be seen in zoos. There are many places to donate for this and other endangered species. 

Thanks everyone, see you tomorrow. 


  1. Nice tiger drawing. They are impressive animals.

  2. Nice drawing, and interesting facts.

    Best regards,

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  3. Wow. That drawing is one of your best I think. Really good:)

  4. Fun videos! :D
    And yes, WOW on the drawing. Just wow!

  5. Obviously tigers are near and dear to your heart. Nice post and great drawing!

  6. Great rendering! My daughter is in love with tigers, so I'll be sure to show her this. :)

  7. Nice tiger drawing! I like tigers, too. It's too bad they're endangered!

  8. I <3 tigers too! And your drawing is beautiful. Hate the fact that they are Endangered and going extinct. :/

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
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  9. Brandon, you draw very well. I like tigers too, and also lions.

  10. They are definitely beautiful creatures. Love it. I grew up drawing horses, (mostly with a horn,) so I totally get the animal-drawing fascination. But are tigers really nocturnal? I know lions are, but every time we stop into the zoo it seems like the tigers are wide awake. Maybe they're just trained? *shrugs*

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  11. I love your tiger drawing, and yesterday's comic about self-control. Both awesome for different reason :)

  12. The fact that so many of these magnificent creatures are extinct or endangered is tragic.

  13. Great drawing! My husband is a huge fan of tigers, too. We once got to pet/interact with tiger cubs - it was amazing! I couldn't get over the size of their paws, even at that age. :)

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  14. Awesome drawing! I had no idea they could go up against bears!

  15. That's an excellent drawing. I watched a documentary recently that said more tigers are in captivity now than there are in the wild. That's sad.


  16. Great drawing! Ever since my kids saw Napoleon Dynamite they have been drawing "ligers". LOL